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Created in 1997 for short time SANTEL GmbH become basic importer for the Bulgarian market of high-quality materials of the German producer – AMF - European leader in multifunctional ceilings. The systems for suspended ceilings of AMF offers to our clients original decisions to solve problems, connected with head and sound isolations, fire-defense and humidity of the building product. Combination of esthetics and optimal price level is reached due to the facilitated fitting and support service.  
“SANTEL” GmbH is engineering and trade company, specialized in the field of design, building, interior and decorating of administrative, trading and tourist projects, by using modern building technologies.  
Based on the experience of our assistants and employee, by delivery of materials and execution of big, preventative projects, as well as our good contact with leading manufacturers form EU and their representative in Bulgaria, SANTEL offers interior decisions and accomplishment of high-qualified building works as well as deliveries of the necessary building materials.
In result of proven professionalism in the area concerning raised floors the well-known German leader in these modern systems for dry building- RAUMTECHNIK FELLBACH belief the exclusive right for representing in Bulgaria of SANTEL GmbH.
Well-known systems KNAUF for walls, ceilings and floors from gypsum-boards and gypsum-phaser are one of the basic products offered by our company.
To complete out product range SANTEL offer and strip ceilings and self-supported ceilings, metal tiles, light for installation in ceiling, decorative grids, form the Greek company STAMPA.
All our projectors, employee and fitters assume their professional experience from Germany and other EU countries.